Hi Fructose Covers Curiot

Curiot in SF at the opening of “Age of the Omuktlans” @FFDG

Mexico City-based painter and street artist Curiot opened his solo show, “Age of the Omuktlans,” at San Francisco’s FFDG. Part folkloric and part futuristic, the composite creatures in Curiot’s series of paintings are inspired by Curiot’s imaginings of Mexican culture during his upbringing in the United States. The otherworldly animals in the vibrant paintings are made up of scrambling homunculi, organic forms and textile-inspired abstract designs. “Age of the Omuktlans” is on view through April 6th.

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FFDG will be releasing a silkscreen print from Curiot this Friday. To be added to the list to be first to receive one, email: info(at)ffdg.net

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