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New Type

Marconi Lima adds some panache to his tidy, transitional Adriane Text family with Adriane Swash. This single weight, italic-only counterpart provides a subtle, elegant upgrade by way of swashed capitals, lowercase initials and finials, plus a handful of custom ligature pairs.

A recent addition to the Gestalten library is an eponymous sans from Norbert Prell. Blending humanist and geometric forms with a “cheeky and flirtatious” style and unexpected details, Prell is admittedly reflective of the designer’s own personality. The family covers a five weight range — thin through bold — all of which are equipped with a vast assortment of alternates, ligatures, and other OpenType niceties.

Animated strokes and boundless energy are traits common to many of Laura Worthington’s handwritten scripts. Harlean easily proves that point — rough around the nibbed-pen edges, but with plenty of pep in its step. Naturally, like all of Worthington’s tricked out scripts, its chockablock with hundreds of unbridled swashes, tweaky alternates, and assorted ornamentals.

Typotheque pulls out all the editorial stops with Nikola Djurek’s extensive Lumin type system. Intended for use in a broad range of publication scenarios, four connected families combine subtle constrast with distinctive “chiseled” connections, producing an intriguing hybrid. The extended collection includes four weights of slab serif’d Lumin, six flavours of “straight-talking” Lumin Sans, its compact Condensed companion, and a trio of headline-savvy Display variations.

Back on the road with his Tour de Force foundry, Serbian designer Dušan Jelesijević is pumping up the scratchy jam with some Nervatica. This two weight handstyle sans bounces across the stage, bringing with it a busload of dingbats, textures, and other lively characters.


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Thanks to Grant Hutchinson for gathering this week’s typefaces while I danced with daffodils, or something.

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