Type News: Double Helix

’Round and ’round we go, where we start we already know: this week’s new typefaces!

Exceedingly busy Commercial Type has expanded yet another pair of their existing families. The smaller update of the two sees Christian Schwartz’s stylishly condensed Giorgio Sans gaining some weight with the addition of heavy and black styles — lovingly prepared by Vincent Chan.

The foundry’s second (and much larger) release is Publico Banner — a sharper, higher contrast companion to the Publico Headline and Publico Text families. Designers Paul Barnes, Christian Schwartz, and Ross Milne have tipped their collective toppers to 1970s display type with this ode to the “tight but not touching” set — a seven weight progression from light to ultra.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones have unleashed Idlewild — an all-caps extended sans with a five weight range and an adaptable personality. Billed as “a distinctive typeface that’s at home everywhere it goes,” Idlewild complements and embraces an astonishing number of other type styles. Find that hard to believe? Peruse the examples of the family in use — this is definitely a typeface of many faces.

Taking a whiff of inspiration (and a spritz of glyphs) from vintage French toiletries, illustrator and lettering artist Daniel Pelavin extrapolated a complete typeface. Mimosa is an unfussy, Deco-flavoured monoline script with decorative capitals and a casual, constructed charm.

The neighbourly Chank Diesel has fired up his font grill and tossed on some tasty Tenderloin. Based on the “San Francisco” lettering style of UK street artist Ben Eine, this bi-layer Tuscan is unquestionably charming, ever so slightly sinister, and absolutely free.

Wrapping up the list of new type this week is a family pack of chewy Photo-Lettering goodness. West Bubble Gum is a delightfully distended display face featuring regular and “blockshadow” weights — ready to blow up and bust out some flavourful headlines.

And now, let’s chew on some news:

Ahem. Now let’s find out what’s happening, maybe even near you:

And that brings us to the end of another week of the Type News. Thanks for riding along!

Thanks, too, to Grant Hutchinson for sifting through the tangled cobs of the interwebs for this week’s new type.

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