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Break out the lettuce, carrots, and clever ligatures — it’s another week of great type and type news.

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Cyrus Highsmith’s Serge is an “acrobatic” departure from his better known text and headline families. And yet, it’s arguably “the most Cyrusy typeface that ever Cyrused” — at least according to the folks at Font Bureau. Three italicized display weights make up the family — each sporting lightly modulated, brush-influenced strokes and a subtle set of swash capitals.

The latest flourished and finessed hybrid script from Laura Worthington goes by the name of Gioviale. Unconnected italic forms are matched up with an array of lively swashes, titling capitals, alternates, and other stylish accoutrements — over 1,000 glyphs in all. Regular and bold weights are provided for your enjoyment.

Echoing a typographic style used by jewelers at the beginning of the last century, Floris Voorveld’s FV Deventer possesses an organic, hand-scrawled vibe teetering on the edge of eclectic nouveau. Although it may seem a little rough around the aesthetic edges, the unfussiness is excusable — given the face’s underlying whimsy and historical charm.

When you’re launching a fresh new foundry, you need a strong opening number. That’s just what Michael Cina and Matthew Desmond unveiled as the inaugural release out of their Associated Typographics joint. Ramsey is a “stout but refined” workhorse sans in twelve styles. Tight, linear characters follow a regimented, squarish grid — with just the right number of transitional slices and angles tossed in for personality.

And now for something completely organic. Canada Type’s Patrick Griffin and Kevin Allan King produced Pipa specifically for use by a chain of health food stores. It’s a bubbly, bouncy mashup of phototype foliage and cartoon vernacular. Plenty of alternates are included — both for fun and freestyle function.

Wilton Foundry’s single weight Unio is legible, linear, and lightly calligraphic. This simple, monoline serif features asymmetrical bracketing, a useful assortment of stylish ligatures, and an even flow that reads real smooth. Unio also seems to be tipping its typographic topper in the direction of ITC American Typewriter — which is never a bad thing in our books.

The third installment of OurType’s “Stencil Fonts Series” contains yet another trio of finely chopped fonts. Amongst this batch of cleverly cleaved type is Thomas Thiemich’s heavy duty Remo, Fred Smeijers’ beautifully bifurcated Bery Tuscan, and the condensed supergraphic stencil of Greco — codesigned by Smeijers and Pierre Pané-Farré.

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Bifurcated acrobats! Legible workhorses! Swashbuckling jewelers! They’ve got nothing on the news:

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And that brings us to the end of the 121st type news on 12/1. Maybe Lenny Bruce should be afraid …

Thanks to Grant Hutchinson for his intrepid delivery of another fine set of typefaces!

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