Type News: The Sweetest Hangover

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New Type

Originally conceived as a stylish typeface for the High 5 Hang 10 surfing collective, Gestalten’s High Times blends contemporary forms with deco and nouveau flavours. Designer Tilo Pentzin prepared two sky-scraping styles — an elegant, contrasted semi-serif and a subdued, minimalist sans — each accompanied by a selection of quirky alternates, titling and lowercase ligatures, Roman numerals, plus a sleek set of inline initials.

Already known for putting some rather unusual twists on geometric and humanist type, Russia’s Elena Kowalski has quite the tweaky follow-up to Leto One, released earlier this year. Leto Two expands on the display slab style with another three weight, two width range — but this new family sports some seriously funky, exaggerated bifurcation.

The latest release from DSType combines the best of several typographic styles into one deceptively complex face. On one hand, Dino dos Santos’ Aparo is a strikingly bold display italic, with brush-style lowercase characters and stoic Roman capitals. On the other hand, it’s an elegantly decorative script with “plenty of calligraphic flair” and hairline, flyaway swashes.

According to designer Mark von Bronkhorst, MVB Solitaire is a “tempered” sans serif that sits somewhere in between the humanist and gothic genres. A voluminous eleven weight range (and an ample set of typographic features) makes this not-necessarily-neutral workhorse incredibly flexible, yet deliberately subdued.


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Thanks to Grant Hutchinson for all the great Scotch, er, new typefaces.

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