Type News: Wishbone Formation

We’ve finally shaken our tryptophan-induced stupors, at least for this round of turkey-feasting — which means it’s time to go long with another round of news and new type!


First sprung from the Lettering Inc art department back in the 1940s, Feather Script eventually became one of the most popular advertising scripts in the underrated (and nearly forgotten) phototype library. This delicate and dynamic handwriting face has been resuscitated and enhanced through a combination of Stuart Sandler’s forethought and Patrick Griffin’s mad OpenType skills. Features include automatic fractions, alternates, and extensive international character set.

Dan Gneiding’s Dude isn’t just some westernesque, woodtype wannabe. It’s twelve variations on a twangy type theme — each named after a suitable country music legend. You’ve got bifucation, trifurcation, decoration, and fancification — all under one solidly squat, reverse contrast roof. The folks at the Lost Type Co-op have also provided an entertainingly animated promotional video that riffs on the face’s various flavours and features the handpainted stylings of Colt Bowden.

Hot on the eight-inch spike heels of his recent release of Lust, Neil Summerour drops a pair of arguably more sedate sans families in our collective lap. Both share a similar and extremely straightforward humanist structure, but there are differences to be noted. Anago is the warmer and softer of the pair, covering five weights from thin to black.

Featuring crisper details and additional lowercase tails, Macha is comprised of a tidy four weights, including subtly curvier italics. Both families are similarly equipped for a wide range of typographic outings with small caps, extended ligatures, alternates, and multiple numeric sets.


From wide-range to free-range: it’s the news!


Big things are afoot. Here are a few of them:

  • You have until November 30 to enter your submission for Typodarium 2014. Good luck figuring out how to do that, though — the site itself is an unusable mess.
  • Starting December 14 and running through January 27, at Oz gallery in Amsterdam, is No Cash Value, “an exhibition of and about cultural and fiscal Exchange” and featuring new work from Colophon Foundry.
  • Get ready for beer, coffee, hipsters, beer, and type: TypeCon is going to Portland, Oregon, August 21–25, 2013.


We’re past “Black Friday” (ugh) but not quite to “Cyber Monday” (uuuuuuuuuuugh). Here are a few things to add to your list:


What’s with the -ing words? No idea. See you next week — and thanks for being the best readers the internet has to offer!

Especial thanks to Grant Hutchinson for his steadfast delivery of delectable new type!

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